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Domaine de Savagny

Côtes du Jura AOP - Savagnin

Grape varietal: 100% savagnin

Color: Deep straw yellow color

Nose: Intense bouquet of woody notes and walnut and shades of hazel nut and vanilla

Taste: A full attack with clear structure and an acid base, very long lasting lingering aromas of nut and undergrowth.

Côtes du Jura AOP - chardonnay

Grape varietal: 100% chardonnay

Color: Beautiful golden color

Nose: Mineral and floral aromas

Taste: PLeasant freshness and a nice finish

375 ml
Côtes du Jura AOP - Vin de Paille

Grape varieties: chardonnay, savagnin and poulsard

Color: Brilliant, deep straw yellow

Nose: Intense scents of fresh grapes

Taste: Full bodied, crusty, dried grapes